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Germs are everywhere and we really can’t afford to get sick, can we? We do not have access to water and disinfecting soap everywhere. Moreover, public washrooms are highly suspect when it comes to hygiene standards.

Kshati Rodhak Instant Hand Sanitizer comes to the rescue with perfect protection against bacteria, viruses and fungus. Based on Lemon Grass Oil it makes sure your hands don’t dry out like commercial hand sanitizers. Specially formulated with pure essential oils that have antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal power to fight off any germs.

Once you take a few drops and rub between your hands, it leaves them with a light fragrance, adding aromatherapy benefits. It is great for all hands-on activities that are prone to germs. Great for travel and on-the-go hygiene. Make sure this season you do not get sick.


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