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Hibiscus powder comes from the crushed flower petals of the Hibiscus plant. Hibiscus makes an excellent cooling and tasty beverage, and is an even better addition to natural hair and skin care!

Hibiscus is known for its pleasant frangrance and the aromatic properties. It is used as prime herb in various herbal cosmetic formulations for hair. Many people use it with henna to give a aroma and refreshing feeling to hair. Hibiscus is also a main ingredient in many wonderfully refreshing teas made around the world. Recently, hibiscus has been added to many ready made teas due to its high levels of anti-oxidants, and has even become the main flavoring agent in certain sodas.

  • For Hair Loss : Hibiscus powder is a great ingredient to support curb hair loss issue when used on a regular basis. This powder can be mixd with henna or even curd to get maximum effects. This powder supports to strengthen roots and make hair stronger and thicker. Using hibiscus oil for hair loss is also effective but powder does the work a little better.

  • For Premature Greying of Hair : Premature greying of hair is a problem that many of us suffer and believe us, no shampoo or chemical based hair colour can cure this giant headache. But if we mix hibiscus powder with amla powder mixed with water or curd and apply all over our scalp and hair, then we can surely support curb this issue. Both hibiscus and amla are nature’s gift for thick and long hair.

  • For Dandruff : Hibiscus powder when mixed with lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar can support dandruff without over-drying your hair. This is a very good hair mask for nourishment and making hair healthy and strong. It is a well-known remedy to support dandruff and reduce hairfall.

  • An anti-ageing Agent : Hibiscus has anti-oxidants which support in cell renewal process and as a result controls ageing and you are all young again!

  • For hair colour : Hibiscus is a natural hair colour and when mixed with mehendi or methi daana can give a good and shiny black hair. Hibiscus powder can also used as a hair dye for grey hair and when mixed with coffee powder can give a very dark brown colour which can be really alluring.
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